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Geçmiş Deneyimlerimiz ve Tecrübelerimiz, geleceğin çözümleridir...

Geçmiş Deneyimlerimiz ve Tecrübelerimiz, geleceğin çözümleridir...
Sektördeki uzun yıllara dayanan tecrübeler sonu
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Liebherr LHM 250'nin nakliyesi
Surtaş İnşaat Firmasına ait Liebherr LHM 250 l
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About us

A long-standing experience in the industry as a result of maktekser established at the beginning of 2007 and serves with experienced and expert staff in the sector. The company was founded in Gebze, still managing the activities  of Gebze where serves Turkey and all of neigboring countries.
The purpose of the Enterprice:
Find a permanent and appropriate solution about workmanship and spare parts for earthmoving machinery and harbour cranes, in this way allowing businesses to focus on their business and providing time and cost advantage.
In addition to present hydraulic filters which produced by abroad in this way offering cost advantages to companies.